Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race - two places left !

SCSA John Bankart
SCSA John Bankart
by John Bankart, Sunshine Sailing Australia

Sunshine Sailing Australia sailing program offers every individual the opportunity to become part of an enthusiastic team campaigning in some of Australia’s most famous yachting events; Brisbane to Gladstone and Hamilton Island. The sailing events entered are high profile, well known Australia wide events. Training will take place on our quality performance sailing yachts. Our qualified and experienced skipper will train, motivate and lead the team to the highest possible success.

We specialise in all aspects of yachting, from training, entry management, through to high performance.

Sunshine Sailing Australia offers people with a passion for sailing the chance to challenge, educate and enjoy themselves.  Our Hanse 400e is highly competitive and chosen to meet the requirements of each sailing program. The Hanse provides exhilarating and intense sailing, she is a cruiser with comfort, performance and style.


Brisbane to Gladstone - 18-21st April, $1995

2 spots left, don't miss out!!  The dates are;

Training. Sunday 13th April.
A full on training day from Mooloolaba to Scarborough. This will give us a full day to practice our race training skills; helming techniques, sail changes and trim, spinnaker work and watch systems. We will also go over our safety equipment and procedures, MOB, fire, flood, communications and the all important weather!

Race. Good Friday 18th April.
Meet at Scarborough and make our way to the B2G start line. Now its on, countdown, yachts going this way and that, excitement of the helicopters, media boats and journos, sailing through the spectator fleet then breaking clear and settling into a full on short coastal yacht race! The next two day and nights of intense racing, past the sunny coast, past Fraser, around Breaksea, spinnakers past Elliot and Musgrave and then the final run up the Gladstone channel to the finish line and refreshments!! Woohoo, cant wait!

This exclusive offer only to MYC members is $1595 each. If you wish to participate in this wonderful event, please contact John on 0403 466 619 immediately as there are limited places onboard.

John will be skippering Eressea this year so get ready for an exciting push north, records are to be broken!!

As one of Queensland's premier blue water classics, at 308 nautical miles of ocean sailing the Brisbane to Gladstone is very achievable.  This offers a great blend of old and new. The course and steady trade wind breezes provide fantastic sailing for the latest high-tech mono-hull sleds and the super fast offshore catamarans, yet there is a unique history associated with this internationally famed classic. The program includes a full training day scheduled for Sunday 13th of April.

Hamilton Island - 17-23rd August, $2795

Welcoming cocktail party, Opening Fireworks, Moet & Chardon Lunch, Dent Island Golf day, Mardi Gras Street Parade, Presentation Dinner, be apart of this or just sit back on your yacht and take it easy! And don’t forget, we need to go sailing as well! The Hamilton Island week is not for the faint hearted, if your looking for sensational sailing, fantastic fun, enormous egos and a perfect party atmosphere, then this week is for you!! 

Includes; accommodation and food onboard, entry fees, mooring fees and GST.

We are competitive in all our racing programs, so fitness and agility is essential.